Thursday, October 12, 2006

If I had a single flower for every time I think about you, I could walk forever in my garden. ~Attributed to Claudia Ghandi

Monday, October 09, 2006

10 thinks I want

1. I want to be with my lady on a beach, any beach, doesnt matter as long as its with her.

2. I want my daughter to fulfil each and every one of her dreams and be happy.

3. I would love to be in bed with my woman, laying in my arms after our love making , just cuddling as my fingers run up and down her back till she falls asleep, or rubbing on her ass, as I always do.

4. I would love to win the lottery.

5. I be glad when the end of 2007 gets here so I can move to canada and live out my dreams

6. I want more accessories for my truck ( hint hint)

7. I want my girl to agree with me that a king size bed is what we need instead of a queen

8. A snow ball fight would be great or horse back riding would be good to.

9. I want to take the dog for a walk, with my woman, by the lake, like we always do when we are together its so beautiful, but its no match for the beauty of my woman.

10. I love when the house is spotless and the love of my life making dinner , perferable with nothing on but an apron, grins...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

10 Random thoughts as I try to fall asleep...

  1. ( :( Shame about the burn mark on the picture)

    1- I'd love us to be on a beach somewhere, in the Mediteranean. In Greece or Italy. Oh heck, I could so live there.

    2- I'd love to hop in my car and just drive to where ever I feel, for how ever I want.

    3- I'd love to come home to an absolutely spotless house, with the delicious aroma of some good food cooking.

    4- I'd love to wake up in the morning with my Babe beside me, and watch her sleep. Play gently with her hair, while she sleeps.

5- I'd love to get off all the tylenol, advil, advil migraine, tylenol 1 and 3 that I've been taking for the past 4 days and get rid of this frikkin headache.

6- I want to take a stroll along the lake right now, well not at this moment, but in the daylight with the sun shining on my face, even though the air is crisp. And all the beautiful leaves crunching under my feet.

7- I'd love to figure out how to get my downloaded music into folders so I can pick them easier on my mp3 player. Heehee Im up to 549 songs now.

8- A pillow fight right now would be fun. And a good wrestling.

9- 8 hours, uninterrupted sleep would be nice. Starting pretty damn quick.

10- Making wild passionate love until we're totally spent would be AWSOME!!!!

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The Gift of Frienships

There are days when bubbling from us comes the innocent child within, who giggles at the little things and wears silly grin.

There are days when melancholy comes to visi for a while; the mind feels tired, the body weak' we have no strenght to smile.

There are days when joy abundant grabs a hold of you and me; wraps us up in all its splendor,
lifts us up and sets us free.

There are days when sorrow wraps us with its wonderment and ligh; with its beauty and its mystery, and its power and its might

And there are days when life rewards us and seems to make amends by granting us a marvelous gift, the precious gift of friends.

I am so grateful for My friends I hold dear and love.

To miranda My beloved fiance,
to, zetta, dawn, jacqueline and suchithra I hold each and everyone dear for various reason, and wanted to tell you all how special you are to me.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Missing You

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Im sitting here tonight missing you so much,. I wish my life away, so that it brings me one day closer to you so that I can see you again, so that I can hold you, kiss you, touch your sweet face, and make love to you.
Each day I am reminded how lucky I am to have you in my life, whether having a conversation with a friend or listening to someone complain about a love one, or them wishing they could find true love, and I feel for them, cause I know I have found My Soul Mate, My Parnter, My lover, My best friend.
I sit back each day and think of our visits together, and I think about how we sit outside around a fire, just yacking, and drinking ice tea, or watching tv and cuddling, I remember how you me and my daughter went tabagonny and you two try to kill me as you push me down that hill and I saw my life flash before my eyes lol.
I love when we go to the moutains and stay there, its so beautiful there, but it's no match for your beauty.
You make me proud, I remember when I first got to know you, and you were dressed as an elf, to go out to family's home to take them food for dinner and presents for the kids and you all put up a tree for the family, you brought me so much pride, your heart is so good and pure, your kindness, your tenderness, your love, and caring for not just yourself but for others, you put others before your own needs, thou that can be bad, it only shows what type of person you are...
You and I have so much in common our favorite holidays is christmas, we love tea, we love our kids, we wait for grandkids, we want to travel..I see a whole new world thru your eyes, and I look forward to what the future brings, and to be your Wife and for you to be Mine..
I love you and miss you

Monday, September 18, 2006

The Meaning To love

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The Meaning To love is to share life together to build special plans just for two to work side by side and then smile with pride as one by one, dreams all come true. To love is to help and encourage with smiles and sincere words of praise to take time to share to listen and care in tender, affectionate ways. To love is to have someone special one who you can always depend to be there through the years sharing laughter and tears as a partner, a lover, a friend. To love is to make special memories of moments you love to recall of all the good things that sharing life brings love is the greatest of all. I've learned the full meaning of sharing and caring and having my dreams all come true; I've learned the full meaning of being in love by being and loving with

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I hold on...
it keeps me going.
Knowing that I'll be in your arms again.
Not as soon as I'd like, but know I will....
gives me the strength.
I hold on...
to the memories so tight.
Your tender kisses, gentles touches
The laughs, the tears
I hold on...
to all the years.
The ups...the downs.
The firsts, the lasts.
I hold on...
because I can't imagine my life without you
because I'm saving that empty spot in my bed...
and in my life
for You.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

In Memory Of My Beloved Twin Sister

As Each day comes and goes, Im always reminded in some way or another of My Sister, whether its looking in a mirror and not seeing my reflection looking back but our reflection looking back at Me, I try not to keep mirrors up unless I have to just so I dont see the reflection more than I have to, or looking at My daughter and seeing some of the things she does or says that remind me of you.
They say with each passing day it will get easier, and everything happens for a reason.,I have learn to deal that you are not here with me, and thou I learn to deal with it, its not any easier as it was the first day you passed, it has become easier to get up in morning, but no easier bearing the loss of you.
I have so much to be thankful for, I have a woman who loves me and who I love , and love sharing my life with, a daughter who has taught me so much, but still, there is a void within me that I cannot seem to fill, a piece of me thats lost without you..
Our past haunts me, we can never choose what family we are born into, and how life pans out,so many bad memories, they haunt Me, they tear at my heart, wishing I had been older, to protect you, but knows that could never been, inside me I lash out, I want to hurt the ones who hurt us, we came in this world together, you 3 mins older, both of us sharing things that no one other than twins can ever understand, there is such a close bond, something deep within that only we can understand, you knew what I was thinking, you were my protector, I needed you as much as you needed me, we did everything together for 17 yrs, we cried together, we laugh together, we play together, we slept in same bed, if I got sick you got sick and vise versa., then that dreadful day came and you were in a car accident.
I sat with you, held your hand, and cried, you never woke, 3 days later, it was time to let you go, I remember kissing you and whispering to you, its ok you can go home now, I will be ok, and one day we will be together again and I kissed you and the doctor turn the machine off.
I couldnt go to your funeral, I couldn't bear to see you in the casket, its not what I wanted, I wanted My sister back, My life seem to fall apart, for yrs I seem to only exsist but never living, feeling numb all the time, and anger, anger at everyone our parents for being who they were, for not protecting us like parents promise when they have kids,at god for bringing us in this world and then taking you away, at you for leaving me here to carry alone.
Then a wonderful gift from god, My daughter, when she was born early, I remember being so scared, worried, then one nite in a dream you came to me, and said dont be afraid shes going to be ok, that you will always watch over her, and all will be alright, and she was just as you had told me in my dream, and again I saw you, for a split second I saw you, while my daughter was in her highchair, as if you were hovering over her, I dont know if it was because I was so tired, or dreaming, but you were there..
I have never seen you again, but I feel you, and I know your here with me, your My angel, you gave me strength to leave the bad place I was in when we were 17, you gave me the strength to be determined to survive and not let the anger swollow me, you gave me the strength to live for us both.
I cannot say I dont cry, cause I do, at least once a day I cry cause I miss you so much, but I know when that times comes you will be there waiting for me and once again we will be together..I love you Sandra and I miss you.

Just so You know Babe

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And Im glad we're in it together!

Phantom Fingers

Phantom fingers
Feel my skin…
I shiver at the touch
They trace my lips….
ever so gently
Glide down my chin….
to my throat
They run along…
teasing my nipples
My body writhes…
wanting more.
I feel the Phantoms fingers….
slowly moving down
teasing my clit.
The fingers don’t stop,
my breasts rise and fall faster
With each pant….
The phantom knows….
I can’t resist….
And keeps going….
I finally cum.

I remember like it was yesterday

I changed my clothes at least 4 times
Got to the airport almost an hour early
I remember like it was yesterday
Her plane arrived
I don’t ever remember being so excited
She was one of the last ones to come through the international door
She came out pushing a cart with a couple of suitcases
A grin from ear to ear
Beautiful blue/green eyes
Her long dark brown curly hair, pulled back in a pony tail
I remember like it was yesterday
I ran to her and gave her a big hug
Like we’d known each other forever
God she smelled so good.
We got to the car
In the dark parkade,
She reached over and gave me a kiss
I blushed it was nice
Then reached again hungrily and did it again, for a long , long time.
It was my first kiss from a woman
I remember like it was yesterday
We went for lunch
Where we held hands under the table
My heart was pounding with excitement.
We got to the hotel room
It wasn’t ready
I remember like it was yesterday
So we went to the mall
And headed to the movie theatre
There were only about 12 people in the theatre
We sat in the very back
We were like two high school kids
The day was full of firsts
First kisses
First touches
First tastes
God….I remember like it was yesterday.

11 MORE DAYS…..did I mention I was getting excited?

Ready and waiting Maam


Im having one of those days, weeks? months? lol as the days are getting closer I just can't help it.

.......I want to see You, .....Your beautiful face, .....Your beautiful smile,

............I want to feel You, ........ Your arms around me, ..........Your hands on me, in me....and even spanking me.

....................I want to smell You, .........You beautiful scent....everywhere

................................I want to taste You, .........Your lips, .........Your skin.................Your sweet nectar.

And...........I want to hear You, .......tell me what You want.............Tell me what, when, where, how..................

mmmmm.....I just wanted You to know how much I just WANT You....

THe first meeting....

There was a mixture of nervousness and excitement in her as her plane landed that sunny day. She was about to meet her Mistress for the very first time. Meeting someone off the net was something Jessie would never have considered, but after talking with her for over a year, when they both decided it was time to meet. Jessie had covered all her bases leaving names, addresses and phone numbers with her closest friends.

After getting off the plane, she went to the washroom where she looked in the mirror, ran a brush through her long brown hair, touched up the bit of make up she was wearing and straightened out her clothes. Wearing a low cut white blouse, and a floral print skirt and ankle strap heels.

They had agreed to meet at the baggage claim area. Jessie looked around for her, nervously, praying that she wasn’t going to be stood up. She did notice her suitcase drop down onto the luggage band, and reached for it when it got to her. She spun around to put it down, and there stood her Mistress, smiling.

“Hello Jessie,” Ms Kay said, her smile radiating the room. Her long black curls, hanging around her face. She wore a black shirt over her black jeans.

“Hello, M..Maam.” Jessie smiled nervously, thinking her Mistress was even more beautiful than her pictures. Ms Kay moved and gave Jessie a big friendly hug.

“Oh, I’ve waited for this so long to do this.” Ms Kay whispered when she hugged Jessie. Jessie closed her eyes, and inhaled Ms Kay’s beautiful scent.

“Me too.” Jessie smiled. Ms Kay picked up Jessie’s bag. “Oh, please, let me do that.”

“No, its ok.” Ms Kay smiled, “I’ve got it. Come, let’s go. My trucks over this way.” They chatted all the way to the truck, like they’d been friends forever. In the truck before Ms Kay started it, she reached in her bag to retrieve a collar, Jessie’s heart was racing. “You know what this is Jessie?”

“Yes Maam,” Jessie said softly looking down at it, it was wide, black, studded with metal loops attached in various places.

“This is not given lightly, nor should it be taken in such a manner.” Ms Kay said, looking directly into Jessie’s eyes. “If you take this collar from my hand, put it around your neck, and fasten the buckle; then you are saying to me with your actions that you will submit yourself, your whole self to me.” Jessie listened, not taking her eyes off the collar. “You will learn, I will teach you. Take it or leave it.” They had discussed this many times, Ms Kay told Jessie that she would train her if she wanted. If she didn’t they would just spend the time together as friends. “Think, and choose wisely, I'm offering you a way to learn and grow, with me.” Ms Kay extended the collar in her upturned hand. Jessie, biting her lower lip, thought about it. In fact she’d thought about it a lot in the last few months. Ms Kay was staring at Jessie’s face. Hesitating a bit, Jessie reached up and touched the collar, taking it from Ms Kay, and then buckled it on her neck. Ms Kay watched and smiled. Jessie looked up to Ms Kay blushing not believing she was actually doing this. Ms Kay reached for the collar, and opened the buckle, then pulled the collar so that there is no slack in it, refastening the large silver buckle. Jessie’s eyes widened feeling the collar snug around her neck. Then she felt a finger loop through one of the rings. Ms Kay pulled Jessie close, so their eyes were right in front of each other. Jessie, not sure why, was suddenly afraid to move.

“Are you sure, little one?” Ms Kay asked, her tone had changed from when they’d just met.

Jessie nodded a little and whispered “yes, Maam” Ms Kay leaned closer and kissed Jessie gently, hardly a kiss, a breeze on her lips. Jessie’s heart was pounding, feeling Ms Kay’s lips brush hers.

“Good, then we will start your lessons now Jessie.” Ms Kay started the truck.

Jessie nodded “yes Maam.” On the drive to Ms Kay’s house, they chatted, and laughed, intermittently with silent pauses. Jessie was almost afraid to speak, and waited until Ms Kay spoke. After a long drive they finally pulled up to her house, the garage door opened, and they drove in, turning off the truck. Closed the garage door, before Ms Kay exited the truck. She then moved Jessie’s door, and opened it. Jessie stepped out of it. Ms Kay had a leash in her hand; she attached it to the collar. Jessie looked down at the leash, closed her eyes briefly, a bit embarrassed. Ms Kay turned and gave a tug on the leash. Jessie followed.

Not entering the house though, there was a door in the floor of the garage. Ms Kay lifted it, and stared moving down the steep stairs pulling the leash behind her. Jessie froze her heart pounding. Ms Kay tugged harder. “NOW… bitch!” Jessie stumbled at the pull, her heart pounding. She jumped at the tone of Ms Kay’s voice. She pulled Jessie harder, causing her to stumble down the stairs almost falling. Ms Kay reached for the rope, and pulled the door shut with a very loud bang. Jessie jumped at the bang of the door.

The room was suddenly totally dark. Ms Kay didn’t move, she was listening to the sounds of Jessie’s breaths. Jessie stayed completely still, afraid to move. She was sure that Ms Kay could hear her heart beating. Ms Kay smiled to herself, and then reached into her pocket taking out a matchbook. Striking the match, a flash of light sparks, then dies somewhat. She moved over to light a single candle. Jessie watched her light it, and lower the glass chimney over it. The golden glow, dimly lighting the room. Ms Kay watched Jessie’s eyes, as she looked around the room nervously. Ms Kay smiled seeing Jessie’s chest rise and falls with the big breaths.

“Tell me Jessie, what are you seeing my little slut?” Ms Kay said in a low voice, watching her. Jessie, winced at the name, as she began to wonder if she’d made a mistake.

Jessie looked around the room, “I see a table.” She was trying to hide the fear in her face.

Ms Kay laughed softly, “yes, large and heavy with heavy iron rings placed around it.” Jessie could see chains on the wall. There were shelves with various items on it, but she was unable to tell what they were. Ms Kay could see Jessie’s pupils dilating, drawing in the little light there is.

Jessie whispered “I....I...don’t know. I don’t think....” trying to sound brave. Ms Kay starred at her, keeping the tension on the leash so she could turn her head. “I...I can’t do this.” Ms Kay laughed, pulling the leash hard. Jessie stumbled forward.

“You can't do this Jessie?” Ms Kay asked. Jessie looked up at her with tears in her eyes.
“You ARE doing this you little teasing whore, you decided, not me.” Jessie lowered her eyes at the words. “You decided that you were going to submit yourself to me, not me.”

Jessie shook her head, “I...I didn’t know." Ms Kay laughed loudly.

“You didn't know WHAT?”

Jessie whispered “I didn’t know about this, I didnt realize.” looking around the room, "all this.” Ms Kay pulled the leash walking Jessie the center of the stone-walled room.

“I...I don’t know about this” Jessie stumbled at the pull, following her. Ms Kay reached for the chain above. “Please,” she whispered, looking up at the ceiling, seeing a pulley.

“Please? Please?” Ms Kay mocking Jessie smiled as she saw the fear in her eyes.

“Please, don’t hurt me.”

“You don't have to say please my little slut,” Ms Kay said as she reached to the wall grasping the cuffs. “Hold out your hands Jessie.” Knowing she has no choice, she put out her hands. Feeling the wide leather strap around her wrist. Ms Kay starred into Jessie’s eyes as she cinched it tightly. Doing the same with the other wrist, encasing it. She then buckled the cuffs together. Jessie pulled a bit at the cuffs. Ms Kay then pulled the chain lower; there was a wide hook at the end of it. Jessie trembled a bit as her eyes widened. Ms Kay pulled the buckle on the cuffs onto the hook of the chain. Jessie squirmed more, almost terrified, watching Ms Kay grasp the other end of the chain. She then pulled it down slowly, the sound of the metal chain moved through the pulley above. Jessie could feel herself go up. The chain creaked and clanked as her arms pulled up, rising above her. She groaned a bit, feeling the pull, going higher. Ms Kay moved back from her slightly, watching the stretch of Jessie’s body, trying to balance. She was on the balls of her feet, when Ms Kay saw that Jessie was on her toes, she stopped the pull. Jessie groaned; looking down at her feet, then back up at the chain. She squirmed, her arms ached. Ms Kay moved and hooked the chain onto the hook on the wall. Then returned to stand in front of Jessie.

Removing the leash, Ms Kay smiled, “we won’t need this anymore today.” Moving closer, she whispered, “now Jessie, the lesson begins.” Jessie closed her eyes. “OPEN YOUR EYES!! Do NOT shut them!!” Jessie opened them, big and full of fear. “You are rather disobedient Jessie.”

“I...Im sorry, Maam.” Jessie whispered.

Ms Kay gave a slight smile, “your first lesson, it’s understandable. I know it won't be happening anymore my dear.” Jessie’s lips trembled as she felt Ms Kay’s fingers unbuttoning her buttons on her blouse. She takes a breath feeling the fingers. “I want you to be proud Jessie, proud of yourself.” Jessie nodded slowly, as she felt the last button open. Ms Kay peeled back the fabric, watching Jessie’s breasts raised with her arms over her head. Ms Kay moved her fingers to the clasp of the skirt, opening it, lowering the zipper slowly. Jessie squirmed as she felt like she was loosing balance on her toes. Ms Kay pulled the skirt open, letting it fall. Jessie felt so bare in her lace bra and panties.

Ms Kay smiled as she stepping back, admiring the sight before her. “You are a beautiful young woman Jessie. You know that, don’t you?” Jessie blushed.

“I guess Maam.”

SLAP! Jessie groaned feeling the sting of the slap, her head reeled, wincing at the pain, feeling the sting.

“I'll ask you once again. You know that you are beautiful... don't you?’

“Yes Maam.” She whispered.

“Louder,” Ms Kay ordered.

“Yes Maam.”

Ms Kay smiled, “good... good girl.” She moved the palm of her hand to caress where the strike fell. Jessie’s heart raced with fear as she felt the gentle hand on her face. “You need to learn little one, and you will.” She then turned and moved to the shelf, grabbing a shiny object. Jessie watched. Ms Kay came back holding a knife in front of her face. Jessie’s eyes widened. “Do not move.” Ms Kay eyes, never left Jessie’s. Jessie stayed perfectly still. The flat of the blade moved over her chest, she held her breath, as she felt it under the little lace of the bra. Ms Kay smiled as Jessie lets out a little breath trying not to move, and then quickly moving to slice the fabric apart.

Ms Kay smiled, “yes...beautiful. Do not move... not a muscle.” She turned the blade, horizontally across her stomach; Jessie stopped breathing feeling it on her belly. Sliding lower, like a razor shaving. Jessie blinked and a tear trickled down. Ms Kay gave an evil grin, “if i were to turn it slightly, just ever so slightly.” Jessie tried to stay still. Ms Kay looked thoughtful, “no... not this time.” Slid the blade along the top of her panties, then slid under the top and turned it. Jessie’s breath was a bit louder. The knife moved quickly, severing the fabric, falling to the ground. She flipped the blade in her hand holding the tip, and then threw it, driving it into the wide leg of the table.

Ms Kay stepped back. Jessie let out a quiet breath of relief. Ms Kay watched her, thinking. “What shall your very first lesson be my dear? You are in need of so much help.” She thought and smiled. Jessie’s fingers clenched the chains a bit. Ms Kay noticed the trim of her pussy, the rise of her breasts. Jessie could feel the hungry gaze. “Yes, now I know my little toy.” Jessie was afraid to speak, as she watched Ms Kay move to the shelf, looking for the item she wanted. Finding the item leaning against the wall. It was long, metallic, and glistened in the dim light. The item, a bar with leather cuffs at each end. Ms Kay walked in front of Jessie, letting the bar fall to the floor, just missing her feet. The sound of the clank echoed in the room. “Watch Jessie.” She ordered. Jessie watched her kneel, and move the wide leather strap around her ankle, cinghing it tightly.

“Open your legs Jessie, spread them the width of the bar.” Jessie, looking down, moved her legs apart the length of the bar. “Good.” The other piece of leather went around the other ankle, again cinching on her skin. Jessie squirmed a bit against the restraint. “Now Jessie. Feel it, see it. Watch as my hands twist the bar. Watch it. Feel it. As it begins to become longer.” Jessie watched, seeing her legs spread more, as the bar was turned. Ms Kay looked up into Jessie’s eyes and laughed softly as she saw Jessie squirming as her toes come off the ground. Ms Kay could see the tendons in her groin, stretching…tight. Jessie looked up at the chains, and let out a little groan. “Good,” Ms Kay smiled. Jessie’s breaths paced.

“Ow,” Jessie whispered. Really feeling the stretch. Ms Kay smiled, hearing the sounds of the new experience. She turned it a little more pushing Jessie, pushing her for the first time. Jessie dangled in the air, open, so vulnerable. She had tears in her eyes, as she felt the final twist. Ms Kay rose, putting her hand on Jessie’s cheek.

She whispered, “You are doing very well my little slut.” She smiled, “very well.”

“It hurts,” Jessie whispered, squirming.

“Yes baby,” Ms Kay smiled tenderly, her voice was calming, “it will hurt. But you will learn that the hurt is the hurt of pleasure. New feelings will come to you.” Jessie squirmed in the air. “The hurt needed to teach you of discipline, obedience, and submission, as you have decided upon. Remember Jessie, you are here because you said you wanted to be here.” Jessie nodded slowly.

Ms Kay stepped closer, and kissed Jessie softly, letting her tongue move over Jessie’s lips. Getting her first taste, of Jessie’s, delicate, full soft lips. Jessie’s lips parted slightly, inviting the tongue between them. Ms Kay’s hand moved to the collar around her neck, her finger, again looping through the silver ring. Pulling Jessie forward, holding her there, as the tongue pressed in, moving over her teeth, exploring. Ms Kay’s own teeth, biting lightly on the lower lip. Jessie tried to pull her head back, more out of fear than anything. Ms Kay’s hand moved quickly to Jessie’s hair, grasping it tightly, pulling her head back. Jessie winced, feeling the tongue exploring her mouth, she let out little moan. Pulling harder on her hair, forcing her face up. Jessie looked up at her, feeling the pain of the pull. Then drinking in her saliva as she pulled her tongue out of Jessie’s mouth. “Yes, so delicious.” Ms Kay quickly stepped back, letting her hair go, broke the kiss. Jessie let out a little quiet sigh of relief, as she watched Ms Kay walk towards the wall, to the corner. Which was so dark, Jessie couldn’t see anything. Ms Kay took her time, looking at the objects, hanging there, touching them, selecting.

Finally turning around, with a smile on her face, holding a cat. Walking to Jessie, as she dragged the strands of the cat between her fingers. Jessie watched her, trembling a bit. Ms Kay just stared, pulling the strands, again and again. So many strands, long, sinewy, the handle wrapped in leather. Jessie realized what it was, and squirmed.

“Please,” she whispered, never knowing the fear she was now feeling. Shaking her head in fear.

“Please? Please?” Ms Kay laughed.

“Please, don’t.” Trembling, her eyes full of fear.

“I already told you my toy; you don’t have to ask me. Your next lesson will begin now Jessie.” Jessie realized at that moment, she was there, no way out now. “Jessie, you will learn what awaits if you disobey me. " Ms Kay walked behind her. Draping the tails of the cat over her shoulder. Jessie could hear Ms Kay behind her, she inhaled feeling the tails drag on her shoulder, feeling the ends drift over her breasts. She shivered as she smelled the leather. Biting down her lower lip, as she could feel it draw back, the strands slowly going back up. Then down over the other shoulder. The smell of leather so strong, Ms Kay, then drew the cat away from her, then quickly brought it around so the tails fall across her chest from the side. Jessie let out a scream feeling the tails bite into her chest. Ms Kay watched, and listened, hearing Jessie start to pant, as the welts burned. Again pulling back, changing hands, she strikes from the other side. Jessie lets out another scream, feleing the tails burn into her other side. It wasn’t that hard, just enough to let her feel the ends, lighting up her skin, letting the electricity begin to flow. Again, drawing it back, moving slightly so the tails fall across her nipples. Teasing, taunting, her nipples hardening. Again swinging the cat slowly, across the nipples. “Feel it Jessie, feel your feelings little one.” Then again from the other side, feeling the leather go over her nipples. Striking across both breasts, both nipples. Ms Kay smiled as she watched Jessie, who jumped at every bite of the leather. She smiled watching Jessie's chest heave, the welts reddening. “You like this new feeling, don’t you Jessie? “

Squeezing her eyes shut, whispers “Yes Maam,” not really wanting to admit she liked such a thing.

‘Louder my little slut.”Ms Kay smiled, “tell your Mistress.”

“Yes Maam,” Jessie squirmed.

“Do not be afraid of yourself little one.” Ms Kay said. Jessie was panting as her nipples burned and harden. “Do not be afraid to let yourself feel.”

Letting the tails fall, Ms Kay then walked around to face Jessie, admiring her strength. She brings her lips up, kissing Jessie’s tears away. Then stepping back, bringing the cat back, then through the air, letting it curl around to strike across her ass. Jessie let out a groan, wincing. Ms Kay studied her face, seeing the redness on her chest, the hardness of her proud nipples. She draws it back again swings it to fall once more on her ass. Jessie squirmed, her ass on fire.

“Yes little one.” Jessie’s heart pounding hard, listening. “Feel yourself.” Striking again, Jessie clenched her fingers, letting her head fall back, feeling the bite of the leather and groans. Her breasts, ass and thighs tingling with heat from the leather. Ms Kay stepped closer, and kissed Jessie’s eyes, licking away her tears of strength. Whispering, “Your first lesson is almost over my pet. One more hurdle.” Jessie nodded, and looked into Ms Kay’s eyes wondering. “You have felt the wondrous heat come to your breasts Jessie. You have felt the rise of your nipples, reaching for the touch.” Jessie nodded, still feeling the sting. “And you have felt the heat move over your ass as the cat touched you there. Now baby...”

Jessie nods, “Yes Maam?”

“Now we move further, push you a bit more.” Ms Kay smiled, looking into Jessie’s eyes, “be strong for yourself Jessie.”

“I’m trying Maam.” Jessie whispered, her body glistening.

“Be strong, proud for yourself Jessie.” Kissing Jessie, again, then walks behind her once more. Bringing up her hand, touching Jessie’s hip to stop it from turning. She then kneels and twists the bar again, “open to me Jessie, to yourself.”

“Owww, “ feeling the stretch groaning. Biting her lower lip.

“Open to the cat.” Ms Kay said in a low voice. Realizing what she meant, panic ran through Jessie, she started squirming harder. The tails fell to the floor.

“No, please.” Fear filling her so fast, struggling harder. Ms Kay then pulled up her arm, bringing the cat with one movement, the tails passed between her open legs. Wrapping over her pussy. Jessie let out a scream feeling the leather bite her pussy hard.

“Oh yes... yes my little slut,” Ms Kay smiled with approval. Letting the tails drop down. Jessie panted, the tears flow down her cheeks, as she feels her pussy burn. Ms Kay brings her arm up once more, then brings the lashes to bear once more.

“No please.” Jessie whispered. Ms Kay struck again, hearing Jessie scream as the burns throbbed on her pussy, her lips swelling. Again, and again, each time with slight movements, altering where the ends of the tails fall. Ms Kay’s hand goes up to Jessie’s hip, to stop her from turning, holds her there. Then the lashes move over her, quickly, biting her on the pussy, side, thighs, moving the height of the swings across her nipples. Jessies body flaming hot, as the cat alternated directions. Jessie’s body glistening in sweat from the pain. Jessie looked up, tears streaming down her face, gripped the chains holding her. The heat, the sting burning into her as the tails whistled in the air. The pain so intense, panting tingling.

“Yes.” Ms Kay smiled, watching Jessie, panting, seeing her body squirming. As if a light went off, she stopped, tossing the cat aside. Seeing the body with the welts, burning into her. Ms Kay moves to grasp the chain, lowering Jessie down. She then kneels down and turns the bar to close it, moving quickly, unfastening the leather shackles, freeing her ankles. Jessie struggled a bit to find the floor, her body tingling in heat. Ms Kay threw the bar to the wall, making a loud clank. She walked around in front of Jessie, and removed the chain from the cuffs, taking the cuffs of her wrists. She wrapped her arms around Jessie, and held her until her breaths calmed down to a steady pace. Gently, holding her, kissing her cheek, kissing the tears away. Quietly, Jessies breaths were the only sound in the dark room. Ms Kay’s arms around her, letting her know that she is safe with her. Jessie calmed down hearing nothing but their breaths....feeling nothing but the dull sting of the welts.

Ms Kay whispered “Be proud of yourself Jessie. Very, very proud little one.”

“Yes Maam,”

“You have been strong.” Ms Kay kissed the top of her head.

Jessie nodded, “it was hard.”

“Yes baby, it is very hard. You have stood tall to your own feelings.” Ms Kay smiled. Jessie smiled back. “I’m glad we met. You are well on your way Jessie. Im looking forward to the rest of our visit.

Jessie smiled, feeling so good inside, so safe. “Yes Maam, I am too.”

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

The Dungeon Chapter 2

Chapter 2

Frank phoned letting Me know he did what was asked of him and thalia was waiting for Me in the dungeon, I thanked him and told him there would be a check waiting for him at My office, he thanked Me and We hung up.
I left work, and made My way home, I was excited, I loved it at the beach house, the ocean was soothing, the sand so white, I had it built years ago when I had My first girl, she was more than that to Me, I loved her, we spent years together then she got sick and passed away, since then it was hard for Me to find one that could touch Me, we'll at least until last week, when I saw thalia for the first time, it had been so long since My heart skipped a beat.
When I looked into her eyes I could see her submissiveness in her, and I wanted her for Myself.
I pulled up to the house and parked My truck,I walked up the stairs and made My way into the house to the kitchen and set My briefcase down and decided to go change into something a lil more comfortable.
After I changed clothes I went back to the kitchen and I grabed a glass of ice water and took it with Me and made My way down to the dungeon, I could hear thalia, I could hear the fear in her voice, she cried out, who's there, who's there, I said shh lil one its ok, your ok , no one's going to hurt you, her arm was extended upwards, as her wrists were cuffed to some shackles on the wall, her eyes were blindfolded with a blackscarf, there was a light on ceiling that shine down on her making it easy for Me to see her but it would of been hard for her to see Me unless I came into the light...I walked up to her, and came up close to her, I could hear her breathing, smell the fear in her, you must be thirsty thalia, she cried out, who are you, why are you doing this to me, what do you want, let me go...
No thalia, there is no chance of Me letting you go, you belong to Me now and I have every intension of making you Mine, before this is over you will submit to Me, she said what are you speaking about , this is crazy, I said you were brought here for Me, now We have time to discuss this further but first thing is first, you must be thristy she went to say something else and I put My hand gentle over her lips, shh, dont speak, drink this water, I put it up to her lips and she dranked, I took a piece of ice and rubbed it over her lips so her lips would not be so dry.
She was so beautiful, her hair was so soft, I began running My hand over her hair, she flinched, shh it's ok thalia, no ones going to hurt you, she said pls let Me go, no thalia, cooporate and all well go well for you, dont and you will be punished for it, your choice..
Thalia began tugging at the shackles, I shook My head, thalia, trust Me you can tug and tug all you want but will get no where, they are solid, and will not give way
Thalia said do I know you who are you, how do you know me, I said we have meet and I find you to be a very stunning woman, where have we meet asked thalia, you will know soon enough thalia.
I moved back up to her, and looked at her, I could tell she was tired, she been there for hours now, I began caressing her body slowly moving My hand over her body, slowly caressing every inch of her body she try to pull away,I grabed her pushing My body agaisnt her, her arms up above her head, she wasnt going anywhere, her breast went up and down as I was up against her, My hot breath, breathing on her, I was getting so worked up over her, I wanted her badly, I slide My hand between her legs and touched her pussy, she cried, stop, pls dont, thalia! if you dont be quiet I will put a ball gag on you, I will do what I want and you will let Me, she said no, Bitch! get away from Me, I felt her wetness, I could tell in some way this was exciting her, yet she was scared., thalia for your disrespect you will stay for the remainder of the nite, and if you learn to control your mouth then we can go further with your training, she yelled never..
I warned you about your mouth lil one, I went to a big metal trunk, and opened it up, pulled out a ball gag and placed it around her mouth fastening it from the back, turned walked out and turned out the light and left her there for the nite.

Chapter 1, The Beauty

The Beauty Chapter 1

Chapter One

I was sitting at the table located in the back of the restraunt, it was a dark corner but the light from the candle gave me just enough to be able to see, the food here was pretty good, and I loved the quietness that surrounded me , gave me the time I needed to clear my head, as I was eatting, I looked up scoping out the room as I usually do , when all of a sudden coming thru the door was a beautiful blonde hair lady, she was wearing a long black evening gown, her legs were long they seem to go on forever, she wore black heels, her lips were full and she had big round blue eyes , blue like the sea, she was stunning, she was accompany by what I could only think was her boyfriend or husband, she had her hand wraped around his arm..
They were taken to their table, the hostess pulled out the chair for her , I watched her take her seat, she was so graceful, I couldnt believe how stunning she was, I could not take My eyes off of her..
As I kept My eyes on her, I noticed her looking My way, I smiled softly at her, she smiled back, then she went back to her conversation, but every so often she would take a glimpse at me.
Finally it came time for Me to take my leave, as I walked by their table, I stopped and looked down at her and smiled, and softly whispered your a stunning lady, she smiled and blushed, I took her hand in Mine, and kissed her hand tenderly, the guy she was with did not seem happy about it at all, but even she did not seem to care what he thought, I said I hope to one day see you again, she said i would like that, and I turned and walked away..
As I came out the bell hop called for My driver to pull up,, and I climbed in and took My leave..
As the weekend slowly dragged byI could not stop thinking of her, finally I picked up the phone and made a call to Frank..
Frank was the one who took care of things that I ask, I told him about the woman I saw in the restraunt..Frank I want you to find out who she is, find out what you can about her, someone has to know something about her, he assure Me he would and would get back to Me..
With Frank on his way over it has been almost a week now since I saw her, I was excited about what he had learned of her.I heard Frank drive up so I open the door to wait for him to come in, Hello Ma'am Frank said, I greeted him back, pls come in, and have a seat, he said yes Ma'am.
He gave Me pictures and told Me her name was thalia, I thought how pretty her name was..
He said she was single that was just someone she dating now and again, and where she lived, her number, address, where she worked, she was a model I smiled as he gave Me all the information I needed, he was a loyal subject, after he was done, I told him, I want you to find her, and
bring her to Me, at My beachhouse in the dungeon he said yes Ma'am and I dismissed him...
I will have her for Myself

The Love of A Mother

When life begins to grow in your stomach, you think about how much you will teach your child and watch her grow, but now as I sit back and years have gone by, I wonder, who really taught who.

On Oct 28, 1988, you were born, 2 1/2 months early, weighing in at 3lbs and 15inches long, a good size baby for being that early, but life was not to be so kind to you, the pressure of having to come out early caused hemorage in your brain and swellage which caused you to develop cyrbal palsy..I had heard the word maybe so many times till I hated that word, maybe she will walk or crawl or speak, it was never what I wanted to hear, what I needed to hear, but I had made up My mind you would do all those things as other kids do, I did your excercises as they showed me, I took you to specialists after specialist, it was a never ending job, started you in school early, anything and everything I could do to help you get thru all this, you had so many surgerys, each one I would think I cant take another one, I cant watch My girl hurt no more but each time you were strong, you hold on to Me and I would hold on to you,, we leaned on each other..
Sometimes it just take you a lil while longer than other kids but you always had this determination about you, and what ever you set your mind to you would do eventually...and you always made Me proud and still have shocked so many people, broken all their scientific evaluation and shown that no one can hold you back.
You are almost 18yrs old now, ahh what a beautiful young woman you have grown up into and how so very proud I am to be your mother, for there is no greater gift god could give then someone so beautiful as you My beautiful daughter.
But now I know its you who taught Me, not Me who taught you, you taught me what it means to love unconditionally, you taught me how to love, laugh, cry, worry, fear, you are my teacher
I admire you, your strength, your will to live life, the goals you set for yourself, no one can ever hold you back, and I wait to see what else in life you will show me..
I love you pumpkin